A Vision of a Goddess

It starts with a Vision that I had several years ago:

A goddess is on her knees, her wrists in shackles that are connected to the walls at the head of a marble room with floor to ceiling windows along the opposite end of the room. Filling the room are just a few powerful men, laughing and reveling as the goddess shrinks, her power beginning to drain from her after so many years of bondage.

As these men laugh and party, they don’t realize that this goddess, who they claim to have chained for her protection, but really, they chained because they wanted to make sure they always had her, is now fading away, and that soon, all her power will leave their temple completely.

They believe that their shackles and chains and their temple of marble and glass will hold this goddess, this great power, this spirit that nourishes the world.

I look closer at the shackles and chains, and I see that they are words, letters, numbers, symbols. In spots, it looks like a stock market ticker! Which tells me what these chains really are, and who these men really are, which I knew when I saw the goddess, because I know the goddess. Well.

It’s Juno Moneta, literally the goddess from which we derived the word “money.” She is wife of Jupiter, and she was the patroness of the treasury of Rome, shackled by men of power throughout history for fear that if she roamed free, that they wouldn’t have what they wanted.

And what they don’t understand is that the Divine Feminine must be free. She must never be shackled, there must be no restriction on Her. And so for centuries, this shackled goddess has been held by a few, with only trickles of her power reaching others.

And I see this in the tears and wounds in her flesh. They’ve been cutting her, giving out slivers of her power, just enough to keep the people from demanding she be freed. For so long, they’ve been able to hold her, telling the people, “We must do this to protect her. The world is a scary place.” And for so long, the people agreed.

But the Goddess knows the time is coming where she will break free, and all will experience her joyful abundance. But first, she will tear down the temples of marble and glass, and the rumbles are going to be a bit rough. And looking closely, I see that it’s already begin. Those rumbles. Because as those men of power party and revel in their temple of marble and glass, they haven’t been paying attention to what’s going on right under their noses. They’ve started to feel the rumbles, and in their panic, they’ve completely ignored the Goddess they’ve chained.

Money is a Goddess, and she’s getting pissed.

That vision rocked my world and started to shift my perspectives on things in many ways. I’d been sucked deep into six-figure coaching world. Not that I ever made anywhere near six-figures, but I was sure that if I just figured out the secret to it, I would absolutely manage to reach that goal.

Of course, the “secret” was pre-existing privilege rooted in white supremacist patriarchal capitalism.

2015-2016 rocked my worldview, and not just because of the shitstorm 2016 election. A whole fuckton of shit happened for me spirituality that radically altered me.

During those years, I had a few clients who were the kind of women who actually did make six-figures.

I got the behind-the-scenes of quite a few of them.

The ones that weren’t living off trust funds or CEO husbands were so deeply in debt that they were living payment to payment.

It takes a LOT of money to make a lot of money, and the flow of money is controlled by the systems of oppression that started to develop thousands of years ago with the advent of patriarchy.

That’s what the Vision of Juno Moneta was telling me.

That no matter how hard I tried, no matter what I did, no matter how much magic I used, the only way I’d gain access to that kind of money was to sell my soul to the patriarchal powers-that-be.

The Goddess was chained, Her resources being doled out at the whims of a few powerful men. And to access those resources, one had to conform.

Or help set the Goddess free.

All the Goddesses whose images and stories had been co-opted in service to the Patriarchal God and His worldly institutions.


At first, it seemed totally nuts.

It was just my imagination, right?

Of course, now, we’ve had more and more light shining on the ways that just a few people are pulling the strings and controlling the economy of the world.

Revolution is threatening. We’re probably still a few years off from a full-blown revolution, but it’s coming.

And in the meantime, we can work to free the Goddesses, so that we can seek Guidance and Support from Them.

What Juno Moneta taught me – IS teaching me – is that money isn’t the problem. The hoarding of money and resources is the problem.

Believing that money, or anything at all, belongs to us is the problem.

This led to a deepening of my animist beliefs.

Nothing belongs to me because everything belongs to itself because everything has its own soul, is its own, unique being.

Even Money. She’s a Goddess after all.


This takes a radical shift in perspective. It’s hard. I still struggle with it. The “ownership” mentality is deeply conditioned in us.


So how do you free Goddesses?

By reading their stories. By tracing the ways that Patriarchy painted one picture of Them, and seeing how maybe, there’s more to Them than Patriarchy would have us believe.

By creating devotional practices to Goddesses that you resonate with. – this is my task, to teach you how to do that. Devotion is attention and a willing transfer of power. What are you devoted to know? What is your power going to now?

By taking action on the guidance of the Goddesses who come to you. Discernment is key here. Knowing your biases and seeing the White Supremacist Patriarchal Capitalist influences on your mind and choices.

By using your Voice.


Your homework today is to start a shrine.

This can be as simple or elaborate as you like. If there is more than one Goddess calling you, you can have more than one shrine. You can create shrines to ideas, to stories, to projects, too.

A basic shrine might be a candle and an incense burner. Every time you light a candle and incense, you call to mind the subject of the shrine. That’s a devotional practice.

Getting more elaborate, you might add objects that are related to or sacred to the subject of the shrine.

Juno Moneta was the goddess of the treasury, and protectress of funds. Roman coins were made in Her temple and were originally stamped with her image. Adding coins and bills to Her shrine might be appropriate.

Contemplative reflection: What does it mean that our money no longer holds the image of Her, but instead, the images of the men who founded White American Patriarchy? How might She feel about that? Allow Her pain to become Your pain, and then allow it to motivate you.

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