Buying the Stone Soup Hermitage

My humble hermitage in the midst of a broken neighborhood on the east side of a poisoned city.

I moved into this house in December 2017. A friend owned it – she’d been there for over 30 years, having bought it when she was 19. The front yard is covered in flowers that are timed to bloom in waves from spring to fall. We’re just coming out of winter right now, so everything is brown and waiting for spring cleanup.

The friend who owned the house was rarely home, and after a few months, she ended up moving in with the love of her life. She left me the house. But there were liens on the deed so it couldn’t be transferred. And the taxes were three years behind so it was facing tax foreclosure.

In early 2019, I tried to raise the funds to pay the taxes to stave off foreclosure for another year, but I fell short.

Turns out, it was for the best.

Because now, in 2020, I have the chance to buy the house, the deed cleared of liens through the tax foreclosure process for $4000.

As of March 13th, 2020, I’m over halfway there in fundraising, but I need that $4000 by the end of the month.

Today, @jack of Twitter put me over the halfway mark with a random Cashapp donation. This is doable!

Jack Dorsey, of Twitter fame, sent me $1000 after I posted about wanting to buy my house on Twitter.

That’s where you can help.

I don’t make a lot of money. My “business” is anti-capitalist and giving based. I get tips and donations for weekly Service Days, the occasional Pay What You Can reading, and through the occasional save-my-ass fundraisers.

I keep babbling on Facebook, and when people feel moved to give, they do.

It’s been enough to survive.

And now, it’s been enough to get halfway towards buying my house in just two weeks, with two weeks left to go.

Wanna help?

Drop a few bucks in one of these:


Cashapp: $GwynneMontgomery


Venmo: @GwynneMichele


Facebook fundraiser:



So what am I going to do with this house?

Turn it into a sustainable hermitage and spiritual sanctuary.

Goals include replacing the roof, beginning to explore solar power options, adding compostable toilet and greywater recycling systems, shifting the front yard to edibles, medicinals, and pollinator attractors, turning the back yard into a food forest, and adding a visitor tiny house for those who want to come experience life as a hermit in an urban setting and learn to find peace in unexpected places.

Over the years, I’ve built an interconnected virtual village that is the base of support for my unconventional “business.” Their regular donations sustain me so that I can stabilize my life and continue to share the insights that I get from my near-constant studies of a variety of topics ranging from spirituality to psychology to science and more. It’s all connected anyway, and through my Facebook profile, I share what I’m learning and noticing about the world.

Part of that noticing the world is politics, and I make lots of comments and predictions about that. Hint: it’s gonna get bad, but we can get through it together. Call it a necessary reset, and let’s protect as many as we can from the worst.

<3 Gwynne