Planning the Next Phase of My Life

My life the last few years has been focused on a singular Vision that could be summed up as, “Securing my hermitage.”

For those that haven’t followed my life saga on Facebook, I’ve spent the last couple of years focusing my magic and practical work on buying the home that I live in after it went into tax foreclosure in 2019. Now, it’s just a matter of paperwork before the house is mine, legally titled and deeded to me after paying $4000 – which I raised through my community on Facebook.

Now that I have that, it’s time to settle in and create a Vision of growth, building on the foundation that I established by securing a house on two and a half lots with a pond, woodstove, and pre-established medicinal and edible perennials.

I’ll be 42 in September, and based on family history, figure I’ve got a good 30-40 years before I’ll have to “retire” from the work that I do – though since my “work” is living my life, that’s an odd thing to say. But barring a total economic collapse, I’ve got another 30-40 years of economic generative ability left in me before I have to settle in and wait to die. Which sounds grim now that I’ve written it, but is not nearly as grim as it sounds. Though I am, of course, preparing for the potential of a total economic collapse – homesteading two and a half lots in the city isn’t just for kicks.

I went from renting a room in a house full of narcissists and other toxic people – and I mean full: at one point, there were a dozen adults and half a dozen kids living there – barely able to pay the $400/month rent for one bedroom – to owning my home, having a growing donation-based business (more on that in later posts), and settling into my Divine Calling (also something I’ll cover in later posts.)

That means it’s time to create the Vision for that Divine Calling and the life that I will be walking through from here on out.

And because I know my process works, I’ll be sharing it here, in workshops on YouTube, and in other places along the way.

The process starts with a Vision for your life, but not one given to you by anyone or anything else. Instead, it starts with a Vision of what you want for your life.

Which of course is way more complicated than it sounds, especially when you have to unpack and rewrite conditioning that has you suppressing your desires, out-of-touch with your needs, and dissociated from your Core Self.

Don’t worry, all that is “built” into the system. Mostly because it’s all stuff I had to figure out in order to get where I am the way that I got here.

I could have gone a more traditional route of, “get job, make money, save money, buy house, retire,” but fuck that noise. I didn’t want to be in my 60s before I followed my calling (as my grandmother had done), or worse, never follow my calling at all because I was too stressed to hear it from working at a soul-sucking job for a paycheck that barely covered the bills.

I started with nothing. At rock bottom. Renting a room from a drug dealer ex-felon who rented every available sleeping spot to whoever had a couple hundred bucks.

And after LOTS of trial and error, lots of failures, I’m at a place where not only can I listen to that Divine Call, I can throw myself completely into following it.

At almost 42.

Without doing anything in a “traditional” business or career sort of way.

Want some?

Follow along.

And maybe you’ll pick up a few tricks for building a Life Foundation that works for you, is unique to the way you do things, and that can support whatever it is that you want to build on it.

As for me? What I’m building? Well, we’ll get into that in the next post.

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